Friday, October 31, 2014

The Tap Factor Resonates with Harwood Middle/High School

I saw The Tap Factor for the first time at the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference at Indiana University and I was thrilled. They were doing something very special. They were sharing their art – tap dance - with students and adults of all shapes and sizes, of all abilities, of all ages, and together they created, performed, and had fun. I saw how they are changing our world one tap dance at a time, one friendship at a time. The Tap Factor showed us how art can promote social change and equity for all.

So when a student who I brought to the Best Buddies conference asked, “Wouldn’t it be great if they could come to our school assembly?” I knew I had to pursue her idea. Their work supports our vision of building an inclusive school and community. Christopher Erk, founder of The Tap Factor, answered my email and was very open to all our ideas.

Two months later, they came to our school to workshop and perform with our middle and high school students.  The workshops were instructive, accessible, and fun. During the assemblies, the excitement was palpable. The students and staff on stage formed a diverse group, all bubbling with energy and pride.  The students in the audience were entranced, and the faculty and administration agreed it was one of our most powerful and creative school assemblies ever.

Later that day, The Tap Factor visited a class and engaged the students in a thoughtful exercise, asking them to reflect on what each individual brings to the group. The answers were as diverse as the students and their take-away was we all bring different talents to the group. Likewise, The Tap Factor definitely brought something unique to our school!

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